Unions and political parties

Account pricing

Unions and political parties in high-income, reasonably democratic countries who use eConvenor must pay a fee to support the project. You can set up a free 30-day trial account to evaluate the service first — press the sign up button above and follow the prompts.

$5 per month, paid annually$7 per group per month, paid annually$15 per group per month, paid annually
$6 paid monthly$8.40 paid monthly$18 paid monthly
up to 3 meetings per monthunlimited meetingsunlimited meetings
1 group only, up to 10 peopleup to 20 people per groupunlimited people
email supportpriority email support, gauranteed service time
standard metricspremium metrics


If you're a very small union or political party and we really like what you stand for, we may bend this rule and provide you with free access to eConvenor. Feel free to email us to put your case.

If you're a union or political party in a lower-income or less democratic country, you can use eConvenor free of charge.