Community code of conduct

How we treat each other matters

We welcome the contributions of people of all genders, cultures, races, colours, ages, sizes, sexualities, classes, and abilities.

We will work pro-actively to make involvement in the eConvenor development community a welcoming, positive experience for everyone.

To that end, there are some basic conditions of participation in the eConvenor project:

  • Make an effort to be polite and friendly to other members of our community.
  • Be aware that tech groups can be intimidating and unwelcoming for people who aren't straight cisgender men, and go out of your way to make sure our community isn't like that.
  • Treat other members of the community with patience and respect, regardless of their level of technical ability. Everyone was a beginner once.
  • Don't raise your voice in frustration or anger. Remove yourself — take a break — if you can't control your reaction to a piece of work that's bothering you.
  • Don't talk over anyone. If you must interrupt someone for some reason, that's okay, but do it politely and don't make a habit of it.
  • Say something if you witness inappropriate conduct within our community. Either speak up at the time, or let Keira and Sky know so that they can deal with it.
  • If someone asks you to change your behaviour, or points out a problem with it, take it on board. Listen first, then think, then respond — avoid reacting without thinking.